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Rent without driver

Car rental without a driver

1-3 days 7-14 days month and more
Audi A8 / 2008
7500 RUB 7000 RUB 6500 RUB
Audi A5
5500 RUB 5000 RUB 4500 RUB
Audi A6
6500 RUB 5500 RUB 5000 RUB
Audi A7
9000 RUB 8000 RUB 6500 RUB
Audi A8
12000 RUB 10500 RUB 9000 RUB

Rate includes:

Unlimited mileage in Moscow.
All cars are insured for theft, damage, civil liability.
Unconditional franchise in case of an accident - 5000 RUB.
Additional services:
Delivering and driving off the car — 1000 RUB.
One free additional driver.
Free Airport fee.
Special offers
The eighth day of rent is free of charge if the car is rented for a week
Discounts are available depending on the cars load.
For additional information call the operators.
We are ready to consider your preferences and wishes privately for a long-term lease.