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About us

Rent&Drive Company is based in 2007 by professionals who work in the market of passenger transportations more than five years. We use park of cars of leading marks of Europe, and also minibuses and buses of various types and classes. Long-term experience of collective of the company in granting of transport services of a category the VIP allows to satisfy requirements of the most tempted customers.

Our company is ready to offer the Clients:

High level of given service.
Mobility and efficiency: the big park of cars, a round-the-clock dispatching office.
The Maximum safety of Clients.
Attention to the smallest, but not less important Clients.
The Wide spectrum of offered services (from an individual transfer before full transport maintenance of action of any level).
Accurate and flexible system of discounts.
All forms of calculation (cash, non-cash, mobile acquiring).
Consulting support (consultations of experts in calculation of the time expenses demanded resources, departure of the manager in office of the client for presentation of the project of any complexity).
The Trained and attentive personnel, the qualified manager — for the aid to each Client.